Best-ever steaks. To enjoy

Banquet menu

We offer two menu sets:




(starting from 10 persons)


Salad on your choice:


Salad with roast beef

Greek salad



Main course on your choice:


Steak from marbled beef

GOODWIN's sauce, pepper sauce, mushroom sauce or spicy sauce.

Salmon steak


Side dish

Grilled vegetables



New York cheesecake



Price includes: welcome drink, 3 course menu, tea/coffee
Price 45 euro per person.




(starting from 20 persons)



Cold dishes buffee

Caesar salad with chicken

Mixed green salad

Tuna pasta salad

Coleslaw salad


Main course on your choice:

Breaded white fish

Chuck tender steak


Chicken from Josper in BBQ sauce



Side dish on your choice:

Steamed vegetables

Buttery garlic green beans  

Idaho potatoes


Price includes: cold dishes buffee, 3 course menu, tea/coffee
Price 39 euro per person.



Pre-order three days before the event


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